FireOne™ Pyrotechnics Management

Wireless One

WirelessOne™ takes the FireOne™ 2-Wire™ system interface and replaces the two wires with a self-contained wireless radio link. This wireless option provides communications and control between the FireLite™ control panel and one or more wireless firing modules. WirelessOne™ pushes the envelope of firing system technology by supporting all of the time proven, pioneering features that FireOne™ has introduced over the years. (See FireOne™ System Features.)

This is a highly effective approach to controlling any number of wireless firing modules for applications where physical wiring between units is difficult or impossible. Applications might include stage shows with pyrotechnics material located in inaccessible locations or demanding applications where setup with wiring is time prohibitive.

The most cost-effective solution to controlling a large number of wireless firing modules is to operate two FireLite™ control panels in the wireless mode. One of the FireLite™ units becomes the master control panel and the second FireLite™ becomes a secondary or slave panel. The two FireLite™ control panels operate and communicate via the wireless transceiver while the secondary control panel has firing modules connected via wires. This is a cost-effective method to control hundreds of firing modules. Any FireLite XL™ control panel will operate wirelessly with the addition of a FireOne Wireless Transceiver.

One FireLite™ WirelessOne control panel can communicate and control an unlimited number of secondary control panels and the associated firing modules. This approach is more cost effective for those applications where a large number of firing modules may be needed but a wireless link is helpful. Applications may include roof tops, small river barges, movable platforms and other remote locations.

FireOne’s wireless firing module has all the attributes of the standard 2-Wire firing module with the additional feature of WirelessOne. All WirelessOne firing modules are totally self-contained units that operate on an internal battery. The battery is a high-density nickel metal hydride unit that is capable of operating the firing module for eight hours of continuous operation. Although the modules may be powered for many days in the sleep mode the actual operational time of the battery will be determined by how the system is operated. Extensive diagnostic and testing will discharge the battery much faster then just turning on the power and letting the unit in standby mode.

WirelessOne features digital spread spectrum communication technology for interference free operation. Additionally, each system’s modules are assigned a unique encryption code that prevents the modules from communicating with other systems, assuring error free communications and firing, even in the presence of other wireless operations. WirelessOne provides operation in the 900 mHz and 2.4 gHz frequency bands, offering the widest possible type acceptance world-wide.

  • Fully compatible with existing FireOne™ and FireLite™ hardware and software.

  • Multiple FireOne™ firing modules may be operated simultaneously.

  • Multiple Wireless One systems may be operated simultaneously, with no interference or interaction.

  • Features Digital Spread Spectrum technology.

  • Fully compliant with International (World wide) and National FCC frequency allocations and requirements.

  • Immunity from interference through digital spread spectrum frequency "hopping" and user selectable hop sequencing.

  • User selectable digital security identification codes.

  • LED status indicators.

  • Rechargable battery or A.C. operation.

  • Supports mixed operation of wired and wireless firing modules.

  • Single firing module or multiple firing module "home run" replacement operation. (Multiple firing modules may be wired to one transceiver for wireless support of remote locations that require more than one firing module.)

  • Wireless transceiver operates up to 3250 feet (991 meters).

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