FireOne™ Pyrotechnics Management

System Specifications

  • FireOne™ is an INTEGRATED SYSTEM of Hardware and Software providing easy to use, state-of-the-art tools to assist in all phases of the creation of pyro-musical displays saving you time - which means you will save money!

  • FireOne™ is the only system in the world capable of running over 10,000' (3KM) of wire from the operator to the display area (Master Module to Firing Modules) using small, light, inexpensive two conductor "lamp cord" wire, with no "booster boxes," ?????? or other costly equipment.

  • FireOne™ is the only system in the world capable of firing multiple firing modules and multiple cues completely simultaneously - zero time dispertion between firings. The system can simultaneously fire any number of Firing Modules with 32 cues per module with up to ten e-matches per cue.

  • The combination of extremely long wire length (over 10,000' or 3KM) and large numbers of firing cues and e-matches enable the operator to fire large, multi-site displays with minimal equipment. Additionally, these same features translate into cost savings on small and medium size displays. Dollar for dollar, FireOne™ is significantly more cost effective than competitive systems. With FireOne™ you can do more with less hardware.

  • All the power required to fire a display is present in the Firing Modules before "Showtime" (but only after the system is armed for safety).

  • Choreography and firing resolution of the FireOne™ System leads the industry at 1/100 of a second. FireOne's firing accuracy also leads the industry at 1/1000 of a second.

  • Users report an average 50% savings in the time to physically setup a display allowing a reduction in cost on every display fired with the system - not just on the "Big Ones". Substantial additional timesavings are achieved in every phase of the process. Hard to believe? Ask for a list of clients who can confirm this for you!

  • FireOne™ software automatically keeps track of product inventories, creates a pick-list of product used in a display, keeps a running total of costs (during the design and at the end), allows the user to view realtime simulations of the choreography, provides detailed field layouts showing all information required to assemble and wire the display, provides firing time reports to monitor the show, editing and review features at the display site, as well as numerous other features and reports.


Control Panels
Two Types: Master Module Control Panel and FireLite™ Control Panel

Master Module Control Panel

FireLite™ Control Panel

FireLite™ Control Panel Details
The FireLite™ Control Panel is a firmware driven firing panel that has extensive state-of-the-art capabilities not available in any other firing panel at any price. FireLite™ was designed to outperform your needs for years to come. FireLite™ can be updated as new features are added by simply reprogramming.
  • Internal battery operates FireLite™ and 39 firing modules for more then 5 hours.

  • On board battery charger can be operated from any 120 to 240 volts AC sources. Charger is self-regulating and will not overcharge the battery. Total recharge time is 12 to 14 hours.

  • FireLite™ has two independant communications/power channels that will operate 39 firing modules over considerable distances. Utilizing the recommended 18 gauge stranded wire, FireLite™ will control and fire 39 firing modules at a distance in excess of 2000 feet.

  • FireLite's list of features is impressive (See complete description under "FireLite."). It can be used as a simple manual firing panel, with the support of FireOne™ firing modules, or it may be operated as a precision digital automatic firing panel that has all the features, flexibility and accuracy of the full FireOne™ system. Wireless operation is easy with the optional wireless transceiver.

Master Module Control Panel Details
A single Master Module is typically all that is needed, even for very large shows. Although a Master Module Control Panel is more expensive than a FireLite™ Control Panel, the Master Module has more extensive capabilities than FireLite.
  • One Master Module can control up to 384 Firing Modules = 12,228 cues (separate Firing events).

  • Eight communications channels - each channel is electrically isolated from all others. If a short or open circuit occurs on one channel, the other channels are unaffected. Since the total cues (firings) for a display are dispersed throughout the channels, the loss of a channel will have minimal impact on the display.

  • An internal sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery provides enough power to run the system for eight hours, without recharging. The internal battery charger automatically charges the batteries and indicates rate and level of charge.

  • The system can also be powered from any 120-240 Volt AC source, gasoline generator or car/truck battery. This multiple power feature assures system operation, regardless of battery charge.

  • Numerous other features including:
    • Separate Master Power and Key-Operated Firing Power switches.
    • FireOne™ FSK and SMPTE universal time code inputs.
    • Plug-in, battery operated Halogen Panel Lamp.
    • LCD display panel:
      • Displays mode of operation
      • Displays time code
      • Displays nexy shot to fire
      • Displays battery voltage
      • Displays wireless status
      • Displays displays in memory
    • Fire file name.

Firing Modules
2-Wire™ Firing Module

  • Sturdy, extruded aluminum case withstands rough handling and can survive most ground detonations and fires.

  • Each Firing Module contains its own "capacitive discharge system" (CDS). The CDS is charged, via the same wire that carries the firing commands. Once the system is armed, all the power to fire the show is stored in the Firing Module CDS - before the show begins.

  • Each Firing Module can be set to a unique address number via front panel pushbutton switches.

  • The unique 2-Wire™ system requires no "splitter" boxes or boosters. Each Firing Module can be conned in parallel "daisy-chained" to additional Firing Modules by simply placing the wires under a common set of terminals.

  • FireOne’s wireless firing module has all the attributes of the standard 2-Wire firing module with the additional feature of WirelessOne. All WirelessOne firing modules are totally self-contained units that operate on an internal battery. The battery is a high-density nickel metal hydride unit that is capable of operating the firing module for eight hours of continuous operation. Although the modules may be powered for many days in the sleep mode the actual operational time of the battery will be determined by how the system is operated. Extensive diagnostic and testing will discharge the battery much faster then just turning on the power and letting the unit in standby mode.

  • WirelessOne features digital spread spectrum communication technology for interference free operation. Additionally, each system’s modules are assigned a unique encryption code that prevents the modules from communicating with other systems, assuring error free communications and firing, even in the presence of other wireless operations. WirelessOne provides operation in the 900 mHz and 2.4 gHz frequency bands, offering the widest possible type acceptance world-wide.


FireOne™ pioneered the intuitive "Point and Click" Windows-based software approach to choreographing and firing pyrotechnic displays. While competitors try to imitate and copy FireOne™ features, we continue to set the standard for unprecedented flexibility and innovative, user-friendly enhancements. The software is divided into programs, each with a unique name. Each program performs a specific function from music choreography to editing and firing the final display. Below is an analysis of the primary software with a brief explanation of its function.
  • ScriptMaker - Software program used to create the choreographed display. (i.e. prefire product at a precise point in a music score.)
    • Automatic Mode - Locks the chosen shells to the music score automatically - no messy audiotapes or control tracks as in other systems. Provides cue placement resolution as fine as ten milliseconds. Time base changes can be initiated at any time and include 1 second, 100 ms , 10 ms, 24 frames per second, 25 fps and 30 fps.
    • Semi-Automatic Mode - Can pre-program up to 99 different series of timed cues, activated by the operator. Useful for sporting events and live concerts. Choreographing capability same as Automatic Mode.
    • Manual Mode - Can be used with any electrical firing system to choreograph a display AND create the "cue tape" that tells the operator when to fire. To create the "cue track" with this program, the use of an external recording device is required.
    • Automatically tracks Shell Inventory. The database (Default names "Shells.mdb") is automatically decremented each time product is added to the choreography database list. The database created by ScriptMaker for each choreography session is denoted by the extension .scr. The software identifies each .scr file by affixing the music score file name to the associated .scr file. A music score file named "America.wav" will have a .scr file automatically created and named "America.scr".
    • Creates lists of product used in a display, number and size of mortar tubes required, cost of the product used and more. Scriptmaker has extensive database and report generation report menus. These reports may be used during each choreography session to keep the choreographer updated on the progress of the display. Alternately, the reports are indispensible aids for displays that are to be fired with a manual firing system.
    • Visual display of the music (Waveform) allows precise placement of product in the music program, quickly and easily. The waveform display features "zoom in" and "zoom out" capability aiding the user in locating precise portions of a music score. The highest total resolution of the waveform display is determined by the Time Base selected by the user.
    • ScriptMaker 2000 incorporates a digital visual simulation screen that allows the user to review choreography sessions in real time. The software features a proprietary, high quality, particle engines that impart realistic qualities to digital fireworks animation. This digital simulation provides actual views of the fireworks display as it fires to the music score. Simulating realistic visuals of the display, ScriptMaker’s digital visual simulation is a useful tool for visual verification of choreographed segments. When rendered and exported to a standard DVD the visual animation becomes a valuable sales tool.
    • Digital computer animation provides realtime visual display of fireworks choreography

  • CueMaker - Software program that uses ScriptMaker information to automatically format and create the field setup parameters for the entire display.
    • Decreases field set-up time by placing all the same size mortar tubes next to each other.
    • Decreases wiring time by placing the same type and size of product together, rather than in firing order. This allows similar product to be placed in any available mortar tube.
    • Automatically places a new Firing Module in each physically separated area of the field - reducing long electric match leads (extension wiring).
    • Many options available.

  • FireOne - Software program that actually fires the display.
    • 3 Modes - (1) Automatic, (2) Semi-Automatic, (3) Manual.
    • Extensive safety and operational interface features.
    • Disable any type product or firing module before or during the display - without affecting anything else in the display.
    • Six levels of testing - (1) Master Module communications, (2) Firing Module communications, (3) Fire Module circuit test, (4) Output test, (5) E-match test, (6) Fire Power test.
    • Will test 1000 electric matches in 20 seconds.
    • FireOne™ includes a "field editor" for making last minute changes to the display.

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