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System Features - FireOne™ System

The FireOne™ System encompasses more easy to master, state-of-the-art hardware and software features than any other firing system in the world. FireOne's total digital command structure and precise microprocessor controlled firing system is totally complimented by the FireOne™ System's complete suite of software tools that eliminate all the aggravating, time consuming headaches that are associated with ordinary firing systems. FireOne's integrated design and cost effective features were designed for professionals who demand efficiency. FireOne™ will make your task easier and faster . . . because time is money. Browse through the FireOne™ System's features and you will be convinced.

  • System Level Features
    • FireOne's Integrated Firing System design combines all the previously separate functions involved in creating a fireworks display into one "system" of hardware and software, The FireOne™ System, simplifies the process from choreography to product selection, to field setup, to time code synchronization to firing the display.

    • Firework display design time is reduced dramatically with the features in FireOne's powerful choreography software, ScriptMaker, which includes realistic visual animation of your choreography.

    • Field setup time is reduced by 50% using the features pioneered in FireOne's revolutionary display packing and setup software, CueMaker 2000™.

    • Product (shells) are not required to be setup in sequential firing order. Same sized mortar tubes and product may be grouped together. This single, minor alteration from traditional display setup saves hours of setup time. The digital microprocessors in the FireOne™ System make it possible to find the correct product at any given time in the program, regardless of the product location.

  • Interconnecting Cables
    • FireOne's proprietary 2-wire™ System uses conventional two wire 18 gauge "lamp cord" to operate the system. This wire is extremely inexpensive, costing pennies a foot. Most other systems use expensive cable that can increase the cost of a system by thousands of dollars. When using FireOne's wireless system wiring is eliminated.

    • There are no connectors in the 2-wire™ System. With the 2-wire™ System there are no connectors to break or change or solder or worry about. To make a connection simply strip the end of the wire and place it under one of the two heavy duty terminals on the firing modules or the control panel. Connecting is fool proof, water proof and extremely reliable.

    • Field repair of cabling is never necessary. If you have a broken or defective cable; cut it off and splice it, by twisting the wires together. It's easy and very cost effective. In an emergency you can use most any two-conductor wire.

    • The digital communications of FireOne's 2-wire™System is so reliable that it will support firing modules over 10,000' (3KM) from the operator. This provides unprecedented flexibility in display setups. Dramatic widespread product and effect placements with sophisticated display designs are easy to accomplish; designs not economically possible with other systems.

  • Environmental Packaging
    • FireOne™ hardware is completely portable utilizing internal rechargeable batteries. The control panel may also be powered from automotive batteries or standard 120V or 220/240V AC, or from standard automatic batteries.

    • The system will operate reliably in damp or wet, cold or hot and harsh environments.

    • All digital, solid state technology - no relays or mechanical contacts

  • Hardware Features
    • Master Module
      The Master Module provides communications and battery power. The Master Module is the control panel that accepts commands from a laptop computer, in the computer assist mode, and provides digital communication and power to the firing modules. The Master Module control panel may be operated in several configurations; computer assist, internal file operation or time code operation. The Master Module control panel has the following features:

      • Supports up to 384 Firing Modules (see Firing Modules section below).

      • Internal rechargeable battery operates for extended periods of time without recharging. Status indicators show battery and charging levels while operating.

      • Master Module battery provides power for accessories.

      • Alternate power sources are usable such as external automotive battery, AC or generator power sources.

      • Eight electrically isolated communication and power channels to firing modules provide redundancy. If one output channel becomes inoperative the others will continue to operate. Twelve internal microprocessors provide unrivaled redundancy. No other system, at any cost, offers this level of redundancy!

      • Directly accepts FireOne™ time code (FSK) or SMPTE time code signal for perfect synchronization with the music program. Firing accuracy to within 1/1000 of a second.

      • Safety features include 0separate Master Module power switch, and key-operated firing power switch.

      • Front panel LCD display time code, battery voltage, module and cue firings, fire file name, wireless status.

      • Detachable halogen panel light.

    • FireLite

      FireLite™ is a smaller alternate control panel used to operate the FireOne™ System. The main feature of FireLite™ is that it is smaller, more compact and lighter than a Master Module control panel. Multiple FireLite panels can be combined as components to fire very large displays.

      • Supports up to 39 Firing Modules (see Firing Modules section below) Multiple FireLites can combine to fire over 1000 firing modules.

      • Smalland compact (for less weight), internal rechargeable battery operates for extended periods of time (five hours) without recharging. Status indicators show battery and charging levels while operating.

      • Will operate on the internal battery or AC power.

      • One communication and power channel to firing modules.

      • Directly accepts FireOne™ time code (FSK) or SMPTE time code signal for perfect synchronization with the music program. Firing accuracy to within 1/1000th of a second.

      • Front panel LCD provides time code and fire file display digital read out.

    • Hardware-Software Safety Features For Master Module and FireLite
      • Separate manual On/Off switches for the Master Module Power and key operated fire power switch. Two step arming sequence for added safety.
      • Dead-Man switch.

      • Software "Arming" sequence with extensive on-screen warnings on laptop or hand-held computer.

      • Firing Modules contain audible and visual arming indications

      • Redundant controls allow pyro-technician to Start, Stop, Pause and Resume firing at any time.

      • Specific product and/or Firing Modules can be removed from the firing sequence at any time without pausing or stopping the firing of the display.

      • All solid-state, state-of-the-art design.

      • All electronic design and software design originated at FireOne's corporate headquarters. We know how and why the system works. Some competitor's equipment and software is manufactured by a third party.

    • Firing Module

      2-Wire Module

      Wireless Module

      The Firing Modules accept communications and power from the Master Module or FireLite™ control panel. All control signal and power is provided via FireOne's 2-wire™ system. The only connection between the control panel and the firing modules is the inexpensive two-conductor wiring. (Wireless One requires no wiring. It operates as a 900 mHz and 2.4 gHz spread spectrum commincations system.) The control panel provides power, when the System is "armed" to charge the capacitive discharge circuitry in each Firing Module. It is this power source that is used to fire electric matches. After the brief charge time each Firing Module is capable of firing all of its e-matches without further power from the control panel.

      • Each Firing Module can control 32 "firing events" (cues).

      • Each cue can fire up to five to ten electric matches connected in parallel and 10 to 15 wired in series. Therefore, each Firing Module is capable of firing hundreds of electronic matches. Since the firing potential is generated inside each Firing Module, the ability to fire electric matches is not limited by the length of the cable from the control panel to the firing modules. Regardless of the distance; 3 meters or 3KM, the Firing Modules will operate correctly with a full compliment of electric matches connected. There are never any "booster" boxes or additional hardware required to run extremely long distances. The FireOne™ System is the only firing system in existence that can make this claim!

      • Other systems use "real-time" current from a power source to provide the 1/2-Ampere required to fire an electric match. This increases the diameter and limits the practical length of the cable used in other systems.

      • FireOne™ firing modules can address and fire multiple modules and multiple firing events (cues) absolutely simultaneously with zero time between shots, with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second.

      • All 32 cues on any one module can be fired absolutely simultaneously.

      • Any number of Firing Modules with all 32 cues on each of those modules can be fired absolutely simultaneously, with UltraFire operation.

      • Conservatively, FireOne can fire thousands of elecronic matches absolutely simultaneously, with no measurable time differential.
      • In UltraFire mode the 2-wire™ Firing Modules may be operated in the "downloaded-time code" mode. In this mode any amount of cues may be fired from any Firing Modules with no time dispersion. This means that any number of Firing Modules from 1 to 1000, and all the cues on each module, can be fired simultaneously! This is a demanding situation that few displays will require but the FireOne™ System provides the ability. Simultaneous firing of large numbers of cues allows the designer to create effects impossible with other systems.
      • Each Firing Module is individually addressable via front panel push buttons to set the module's unique address. A unique address, or number, allows the system to verify and communicate with each Firing Module.
      • Extruded aluminum case is fire resistant and rugged.
      • Each module is encapsulated in water-proof coating for reliable operation in wet conditions.
      • Each module has the capability to split the communications and power signal to other Firing Modules.
      • All modules plug directly into many different style slats, rails and electric match connectors provided by FireOne™ or other third party manufacturers.

  • Software Features
    All software is Windows based (98, 2000, XP, CE, etc.) and easy to use. "Point and click" operation facilitates quick learning.
    • ScriptMaker
      Fireworks-to-Music Choreography Software
      • ScriptMaker is the first step in designing a show after choosing the music score.
      • Three major operational sections
        • Shell Database (top 1/3 of screen) - contains a list of, and information on, product in your inventory. Inventory updates are automatic.
        • Choreography Section - (middle 1/3 of screen) - Contains the list and information on products used in the choreographed display.
        • Music Waveform (bottom 1/3 of screen) - Visual representation of the music program to aid in precise placement of product in the choreographed display.
        • Real-time digital computer animation of choreography.
      • ScriptMaker 2000 incorporates a digital visual simulation screen that allows the user to review choreography sessions in real time. The software features a proprietary, high quality, particle engines that impart realistic qualities to digital fireworks animation. This digital simulation provides actual views of the fireworks display as it fires to the music score.
      • 1/100th of a second (0.01 sec) accuracy choreography placement.
      • Up to 99 physical setup locations can be defined by the user, i.e. Middle, Right, Left, Front 1, Front 2, River, Barge 1, Barge 2, Building (Use your imagination.), etc.
      • Import or export scripting data. Save 'song' sequencing for future use.
      • Simulating realistic visuals of the display, ScriptMaker's digital visual simulation is a useful tool for visual verification of choreographed segments. When rendered and exported to a standard DVD the visual animation becomes a valuable sales tool.
      • No messy audiotapes or control tracks to match the shells to the music. Synchronization is done automatically in the computer and is transparent to the user.

    • CueMaker 2000™
      Companion software to ScriptMaker
      • CueMaker accepts the ScriptMaker choreographed program and automatically calculates the required wiring setup.

        • Each pyrotechnic effect (shell) is automatically assigned to a specific cue on a specific Firing Module.
        • Wiring is automatically reduced to a minimum to decrease setup time and reduce errors.
        • Product and mortars are assigned in size order to reduce setup time.

      • CueMaker imports and exports display files and reports.

      • CueMaker generates many different reports that aid the setup crew and reduce time, effort and cost to setup each fireworks display. The reports are:

        • 'Quick Summary' details shell quantities, costs, mortars used, etc. during choreography session.
        • Product report - List of all product (shells) used in a display. Provides an easy to use "pick-list" to sort product from storage areas (magazine).
        • Single page report, containing ALL information to build one Firing Module's position. This can be given to one person to build one area - no information overload.
        • Multiple page report, showing all Firing Modules and cues. Used by person in charge of field setup.
        • Break time report - shows detailed information on each shell in time order of display in the sky.
        • Launch time report - shows detailed information on each shell in time order of firing.
        • Number of Firing Modules, mortars, shells and cues required.

    • FireOne
      Software that fires the display from a laptop computer. FireOne™ has three firing modes

      • Fully Automated - The computer fires the entire programmed show without human intervention. This is the normal mode of operation for most choreographed displays.

      • Semi-Automated - The system fires a sequence of pre-programmed events (These can be multiple cue firings.) when requested and then stops. Another sequence of pre-programmed events can be selected and fired when requested. Highly useful for indoor events, concerts, sporting events, music group tours, etc.

      • Manual Mode - This is used the same way as any manual firing board but maintains the fast setup advantage. The operator pushes a button to fire each cue.

      • Six Levels of Testing.

      • Tests 1000 electric matches in 20 seconds.

      • Potentially dangerous product can be assigned a "Priority Lockout" number allowing them to be "removed" from the firing list for the display while the display is firing.

      • Any Firing Module can be removed from the active firing list without interruption of other firings in the display.

      • Four modes of time synchronization: FireOne's time code (FSK), SMPTE, Local Automatic, and Local Manual. (FireOne can play music and fire a display simultaneously.)

      • Programmed product is displayed on the screen in Launch Time order as it is fired. (Product can be displayed in real-time order to verify display for producers.)

    • DisplayMaker
      DisplayMaker is a productivity tool that allows the show designer to pull fully choreographed songs from previous displays and reassemble a fully choreographed display in minutes instead of hours.

      • Never choreograph the same song twice.

      • Software that directly takes songs from previously choreographed shows - along with the chosen product - and places them at any point in a new show. No cutting, pasting, shifting, maneuvering or re-entering information, as required with other programs.

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