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FireOne™ is the brand name of the "FireOne™ System". This System consists of hardware and firing software. Additionally, under the "FireOne" name is a complete suite of software that has revolutionized all aspects of designing and firing fireworks displays.

At FireOne™ we’ve taken the approach that designing and firing fireworks displays should be a logical process. This process should be intuitive and easy to master. To accomplish this goal we developed the FireOne™ System. The FireOne™ System is an Integrated System of hardware and software that provide easy to use, state-of-the-art tools to assist in all phases of the creation of basic or complex fireworks displays. When the tasks associated with a goal are logical, they become easy to perform. If a task is easy to perform, it can be accomplished faster. When any job is finished in less time you save money. Time is money!

Whether creating a basic fireworks display or a complex, multi-location pyromusical, the basic steps to achieve the final results are similar. The five steps illustrated below relate the tasks to the associated FireOne™ System software package.

Under the five illustrated steps each software package operation and features are further detailed. Click on the specific software link for a concise detailed explanation. FireOne™ software provides features and capabilities not possible with any other firing system.

Step 1 Music Score Software
Edit music selections into a music score.
Individual music selections are combined into a single music program to create the music score for the display. This is accomplished using third party software. There are a host of audio editors available including Cool Edit, CakeWalk, Sound Forge, ProTools, GoldWave and others.
For non-musical displays this step is omitted.
Step 2 ScriptMaker Visual
Choreograph specific fireworks product to the music
The display designer determines the product (shells) types, colors, etc to integrate into the music program. FireOne’s choreography program, ScriptMaker Visual, automatically maintains multiple databases of product inventory in addition to the choreography database for the music program. Using easy point-and-click selection, the desired product (shell) is "dropped" into the music at the desired time creating the choreographed display.
Step 3 CueMaker Visual
Assign choreographed product to locations and cues
The product (shells) from the choreographed music score must be assigned to appropriate electrical contacts (cues) in order to be fired by FireOne’s digital firing system.
CueMaker Visual automatically assigns all product, or group of shells, to a specific cue in the most efficient manner. This reduces setup time. Time savings of 35% to 50% are typical; saving time saves money.
Step 4 TimeCode Wizard
Create time code track to synchronize music to fireworks
TimeCode Wizard creates perfect digital time code from the music score created in Step 1. The time code is necessary to synchronize the choreographed fireworks to the music score. TimeCode Wizard creates a perfect digital audio recording of the music with the digital time code applied on a separate channel.
Step 5 FireOne
Fire the display with FireOne™ software
The digital firing of the display is executed by FireOne™ software in conjunction with FireOne™ hardware. FireOne™ software provides setup and testing routines to verify proper operation prior to firing the display.
FireOne™ software can be operated in three distinct modes; fully automated, semi-automated and manual. Additionally, FireOne™ software may be used to download the display into the control panel for firing without a laptop computer or the software.

Detailed Software Descriptions

ScriptMaker Visual
Fireworks to music choreography.

CueMaker Visual
Automatically places all shells to proper cues / reports.

TimeCode Wizard
Digital time code generation software.

FireOne 2000
Digital firing software.

Cut and paste music and choreographed files to make new display fast.

Automates cueing track for accurate firing of manual displays.

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