FireOne™ Pyrotechnics Management

Product Overview - What is it and how it works!

FireOne™ is the world's most advanced digital fireworks firing system and choreography system. Hailed by the New York Times as "the Photoshop® of the fireworks world", FireOne's suite of hardware and software has become synonymous with precise and accurate fireworks displays. FireOne's combination of hardware and software can be utilized to create simple manually fired fireworks displays or highly choreographed, breathtaking displays that your clients will love.

Over a decade ago, FireOne™ pioneered the integrated firing system design that combines all the previously separate functions, involved in creating a fireworks display into one "SYSTEM". This "system" of hardware and software radically simplified the process; from Choreography, to Product Selection, to Time Code Synchronization, to Field Setup, to Firing the display.

FireOne invented, trademarked and patent-applied our unique 2-Wire™ System. There's nothing like it in the world of pyrotechnics. The FireOne 2-Wire™ System eliminated all connectors and expensive cables from the firing system equation. This slashed cable and connector costs by 90%!

FireOne's 2-Wire™ System operates on two-conductor lamp cord, speaker wire or even simple blasting wire, with no connectors on either end. This simple step radically reduces system costs and dramatically improves reliability. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on cable and connectors, you can pick up your next roll of wire at Lowe's, Home Depot or your favorite corner hardware store.

No other system, at any price, offers the features, flexibility and precision of the FireOne™ System and FireOne™ is the most cost effective system in the market place. You won't pay more for FireOne, but you could buy a competitive system that has less features and costs more!

Typical FireOne™ Firing System Hardware Setup

The following block diagram briefly describes the work flow philosophy utilized with the FireOne™ System, to create a fireworks display from concept to firing.

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