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FireLite™ Photo FireLite™ is a compact, portable, digital firing panel that has all the ease of use of a highly portable manual-firing panel with none of the drawbacks of the large cables and attendant wiring nightmares of outdated multiple conductor firing systems. FireLite™ utilizes FireOne's revolutionary, innovative 2-wire™ connection system. No bulky cables or broken connectors with the 2-wire™ System. FireLite™ is extremely easy to setup and operate. If you can connect TWO WIRES, you can master FireLite™.

A basic FireLite™ system is a cost effective alternative to any manual firing system. Why waste your investment by purchasing a manual firing system? FireLite™ performs all of the tasks of a manual system plus it is a fully operational precision digital firing system that will fire a complex fully choreographed fireworks display.

To precision fire medium and small digital fireworks displays simply connect any computer to the Data-In port of FireLite™ and download your show. Put your computer away, take FireLite™ to the field, add time code and connect your existing FireOne™ Firing Modules. Your show will fire automatically with pinpoint digital precision. FireLite™ will fire your display with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second!

For special effects, confetti launches, stage shows, or precision choreographed fireworks displays, FireLite™ is the cost-effective solution to your pyrotechnic needs.

FireLite™ is portable, waterproof, rugged, affordable and best of all it's from FireOne, the technological leader in firing systems!

FireLite™ Features
• Supports up to 39 FireOne™ 2-Wire™ Firing Modules

• Auto Testing on power up

• Cues can be fired in any sequence

• Use as a manual firing panel or for semi-automatic firing or for fully automated digital firing

• Programmable ???????

• Accepts downloads of pre-programmed firing sequences up to 1249 cues

• Supports UltraFire&Trade; operation

• Options include handheld firing/safety button, panel light, FireOne™ software, 120-240 AC charger, firing modules

• Multiple FireLites may be operated in tandem to fire extremely large displays

• Intelligent battery protective circuitry

• Short circuit load monitoring

• Emergency power options, AC or DC

• Utilizes SMPTE time code or FireOne™ FSK time code

• Lightweight, portable, extreme ease of use

• Utilizes the latest in LED and membrane switch technology

• Provides a direct path to all FireOne™ hardware and software

• Low Cost

• Self contained battery power with automatic charger

• Front panel LCD display

• Redundant output channels (two)

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