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ScriptMaker Visual is a software program that has everything you need to professionally choreograph fireworks to music. It's a fully integrated package that allows you to observe shell placement graphically, in real time, as you listen to and view the music program.  ScriptMaker Visual's unprecedented simulated shot display provides a realistic representation of your fireworks creation for review by you or your client.  (Note that your computer graphics card determines the quality of the real-time visual fireworks display. A high-quality graphics card will allow ScriptMaker Visual's graphics engine to produce stunning, ultra-realistic fireworks.  Optionally, any graphics card will render a high quality AVI file, but not necessarily in real time.)

When you place the desired fireworks product into the music program ScriptMaker Visual automatically and instantaneously back times your shells for firing, provides a packing list for setup, a launch time list for show firing and a list of inventory with the cost of the display. ScriptMaker Visual will work for you however you fire your displays. It works for manually fired shows, shows shot with the FireOne™ system, and even shows shot with other computer controller firing systems. While hundreds of fireworks professionals have provided input into the design of ScriptMaker Visual, you have to decide, for yourself, if it meets your needs. Only you can decide what you really want in a fireworks choreography program.

So go on, you can download a fully functional copy of ScriptMaker Visual, that will provide you with all the choreography tools of the trade, free, for 7 days. This is not a stripped-down version, it's the real thing. If you like it, buy it! If you don't there is no obligation. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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